History Brochure

A brochure summarizing chapter three of Kate Claire's "A Typographic Workbook: A Primer to History, Techniques, and Artistry". This design blends modern and historical techniques, using drop caps, Garamond, and woodcuts with contemporary lines and layout. Click to see an inside spread of the cover.

Package Design

This design utilizes knockout text set in Garamond. Heavy use of vertical text makes it easier to read on the tall-thin bottle.


The business envelope customizes my professional letters with a specially set return address, postage stamp, and envelope flap on the back. Click to see the back.

Buisness Card

The introductory piece of my personal brand. The front features my logo and contact information, set in Myriad Pro. Click to see a geometric logo flair on the back.


This resume segments the short information from the main body, utilizing only variations of Myriad Pro and a knockout right column.


This letterhead builds off the design of the resume. It uses a 3/4 width main body to ease readability, and is set exclusivly in Myriad Pro.