Simple Pleasures


In the fight against consumerism, I see minimalism as the natural alternative. Consumerism is buying more than you need, minimalism is buying only what you need. But what to do with the money left over? Invest for retirement? Sure, rewarding myself in 50 years is noble, but what about the me that exists now? What purchases could improve my life? What can I buy without the guilt of consumerism? What are some simple pleasures of life?


Travel is fantastic! Exploring cultures and nature with friends and family is just good plain fun. Vacations revitalize me and clear my head.


I don't feel guilty about buying food. Food is both an everyday thing and a favorite thing of mine. There are so many different flavors and combinations to explore. Food never seems to let me down. Eating is a good time, always. I can always seem to justify buying tasty food.


Spending on music and film is unfettered by my consumer guilt. Art is only growing in importance as more work is being automated and computerized.