Nobody Reads My Blog


Nobody reads my blog, and that's okay with me. I don't think anyone has a good reason to read it, except my mom (hi mom), because I'm not popular on the internet, don't write anything particularly interesting, and my website is certianly not on page one of any search results.

Why blog if no one reads it?

This isn't the kind of blog that gets a million hits and sent around email chains and changes people's lives. It's much better described as a public online journal. It gives me a chance to get my thoughts down in writing, not about particularly personal stuff, but just my ideas and philosophies on a subject. So far I've blogged about why I wish I was vegetarian, and about code reviewing with a rubber duck. This way, I can look back in the future at a snapshot of my ideas to see how they've changed. It also makes an idea more concrete, gives me the opportunity to flesh it out formally, and think about it somewhat critically.

I care so little about people reading it that I have no page counter or Google Analytics setup, and don't plan to. I was in the process of setting up Google Analytics to see who visited my webpage, but I just stopped when I realized that I didn't care to know. There are also no comments on my site, because if you really need to let me know about a spelling mistake, my email is waiting.