Immutable - September 6, 2017

I was thinking about the fact that when I code I sometimes cut corners to save time, but those compromises end up biting me back later on. Problems like bad variable names and poor code structure become harder to fix as a project gets larger. I thought that this problem...

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Baby Driver's Missing Scene - July 25, 2017

Baby Driver is missing a scene. Don’t get me wrong, I liked it a lot. The music is just perfect. The love story is heart warming. And I’m a sucker for driving scenes. But, I didn’t think it was perfect.

The part that bothered me about Baby Driver was the...

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Toolbox - February 15, 2017

What tools do I use to program in 2017?


I use a weird combination of Vim sometimes and Atom sometimes else. It just depends on how I’m feeling. I don’t have a full fledged IDE at the moment, but I might like one if I got it configured...

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